Best MIG Welder For Aluminum 2021 (Top Picks & Reviews)

6 Best MIG Welder For Aluminum

Our Top PickHobart Handler 210 Hobart Handler 210 Features: Good Pulse and Control
Power Source: Dual Voltage
Maximum Output: Up To 230V
Budget PickLOTOS MIG175 LOTOS MIG175 Features: Advanced Transformer Technology
Maximum Amperage: 175 AMP
Voltage: 220V
ProfessionalHobart Handler 140 Hobart Handler 140 Features: Short Circuit Protection
Maximum Output: 25-140A
Input Voltage: 115V
VIVOHOME MIG Welder 130 VIVOHOME MIG Welder 130 Input Voltage: 110V
Features: Ten Levels of Adjustable Speed
Maximum Output: 50-120AMP
HZXVOGEN HBM2280 MIG Welder HZXVOGEN HBM2280 Input Voltage: 100-220V
Amperage: 200Amps
Features: IGBT technology
Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 140 Lincoln Electric 140 Input Voltage: 140V
Amperage: 140Amp
Features: Double knobbed Tap Control

Best MIG Welder For Aluminum

1. Hobart Handler 210 MIG Welder – Our Top Choice

Best MIG Welder for Aluminum
Hobart Handler 210
  • Manufactured By Hobart 
  • Duty Cycle: 20 % @ 90 A and 30 % @ 150      
  • Input Power: 115 to 230 V       
  • Welding Process: MIG Welding
  • Special Feature: Good Pulse & Dual Voltage

  • Seven different voltage output options
  • Small design and portable
  • Perfect for home usage at a lower voltage
  • Its spool holder can get loosened


The Hobart 210 MVP is a power-packed MIG welder design specially for high-quality welds. We categorize this as the best pulse MIG welder for aluminum due to its amazing controlling abilities. Hobart is undoubtedly a master brand with pulse technology.

Moreover, choosing the voltage of your need, it’s a perfect aluminum welder for any small project. However, if you want to use this machine for a more extensive market, you can adjust the voltage to higher output.

The machine is also reasonably portable but, you would need a wheel to move it around. With the output of 210 Voltage, you can almost weld anything, including Aluminum.

Main Features

 The max output you can get is 230 Volts, which you can adjust to a minimum of 115V. This machine has a duty cycle of 20 percent at 90 A and 30 percent at 150 A.

The Hobart 210 is an excellent MIG welder for aluminum as the quality is no less than a professional welder.

Budget Pick

2. LOTOS MIG175 – Best Cheap MIG Welder For Aluminum

MIG welder for aluminum
  • Manufactured By Lotos
  • Duty Cycle: 30% @ 135 A      
  • Input Power: 220V-240V      
  • Welding Process: MIG Welding
  • Special Feature: 80% power efficiency

  • Fast and easy setup
  • Equipped with a temperature controller for protection
  • Provides power efficiency of up to 80 percent
  • The power cord is small in length


The Lincoln Welder is for sure the best professional pick on our list. Are you looking for a welder that provides quality aluminum welds consistently? If so, then the Lotos MIG 175 is a power-packed machine that can provide you with quality and productivity.

 Apart from portability, Lotos is a machine that anyone can get used to, whether you are a hobbyist or a professional worker. The welder is pretty easy to set up as compared to many others.

Features & Design

The design of the Lotos MIG 175 restricts the machine from being carried around. With a short cable and a 5 feet gas hose, its portability is limited. However, the Lotos is an all-around quality welding machine.

With an output power of 220V, your machine can weld quality metal. Furthermore, with the suitable gas equipped, you can find yourself welding aluminum up to 1″, making this machine a very reasonable MIG welder for aluminum.

Furthermore, if we talk about its current output, it ranged from 30 to 175 A. With such a range, you can expect your welder to have high penetration abilities resulting in a quality weld. Furthermore, it has a duty cycle of 20 percent when it is running at total capacity.

Professional Pick

3. Hobart Handler 140 – Best MIG Welder For Stainless Steel 

Aluminum MIG Welder
Hobart Handler 140
  1. Manufactured By Hobart
  2. Duty Cycle: 20% @ 90 A      
  3. Input Power: 110V      
  4. Welding Process: MIG, FLUX CORE
  5. Special Feature: 10 feet long MIG gun & It Can weld up to 24 gauges

  • Specially for DIY Hobbyists and beginners
  • Four voltage output
  • Works on relatively low voltage
  • We cannot use it for large-scale projects.


This welder is our top pick for most portable MIG welders for aluminum. Amongst the top brands that have been producing quality welders, the Hobart line of welders produces machines that provide high quality.

This model is the second smallest welder that the Hobart lines have introduced. With a standard power source of the only 110V, the Hobart is a very economical and easy-to-use weld machine.

The Hobart handler 140 is a high-performance machine that is ideal for welding materials such as aluminum. It is lightweight and easy to carry. Furthermore, with its variable voltage output, you can decide the amount of thickness you want to weld.

Design & Construction

The amount of heavy-duty performance this one gives is second to none. It delivers a substantial power output of 140 A that is more than enough for quality welding. With a duty cycle of 20% at 90 A, this one is the best value for your money.

You can easily use the machine to weld steel as well as aluminum. Anything that is ¼ inch in thickness can weld through this machine. You can adjust and set different outputs of voltages for different thickness levels, so your work is only meant for quality welds.

It has a self reset thermal overload capacity that prevents any damage to the machine. As it runs on a 110V output, this machine is suitable for beginners and DIY hobbyists with work related to aluminum.

4. VIVOHOME MIG Welder 130 – Best MIG Welder For Aluminum and Steel

Aluminum MIG
  • Manufactured By Vivohome
  • Duty Cycle: 15% @ 105      
  • Input Power: 110V      
  • Welding Process: Flux Core & MIG Welding
  • Special Feature: No reaction & Heat resistant built

  • It has a lightweight and compact body design
  • Portable and easy to carry anywhere
  • Perfect for small projects
  • Difficult to use for large-scale professional projects.


The VIVOHOME is our best budget pick. It is one of the most suited machines for minor house repairs and hobby projects. The machine is powerful and is perfect for welding mild steel and Aluminum. The compact design makes it very portable and attractive.

Let’s talk about the black cunning body design that makes it a very professional work partner. Furthermore, its black metallic color ensures its resistance to rust, corrosion, and water.

The reason why VIVOHOME is a good MIG welder for aluminum is due to the flexibility in performance. The machine has ten levels of adjustable welding speed that means you can weld Aluminum no matter if it is thick or thin.

Design & Features

The exterior design of VIVOHOME is heat resistant. Moreover, its lightweight body makes it a very portable machine. Its welding capabilities are second to none. It has a 110V input that is perfect for small house projects and welding aluminum that is not too thick.

It has a duty cycle of 15 % at 105 A that are pretty enough for small daily projects. An excellent feature of VIVOHOME is that it prevents oxidation on parts of a welder.

Apart from aluminum, the welder can also weld mild steel and different steel components. VIVOHOME is by far one of the best MIG welders you can use for welding aluminum.

5. HZXVOGEN HBM2280 – Best 220v MIG Welder For Aluminum

Aluminum MIG Welders
  • Manufactured By HZXVOGEN
  • Duty Cycle: 60% @ 200A & 100% @ 150A 
  • Input Power: 100V-220V     
  • Welding Process: MIG, Stick TIG, Flux-Cored
  • Special Feature: Mix Gas/Gasless & LCD Display

  • One of best choice for Aluminum
  • Efficient IGBT technology
  • Weld various thickness ranges
  • Instant change between welding modes
  • Not easy to move around


The HBM2280 is a powerful package that offers the best in terms of money and performance. Using mix gas, it supports a flux core wire of 0.6 to 1.0 mm. You can use this flux wire to weld a thickness of 0.7-3.4 mm.

It is a multifunctional pick that offers maximum flexibility of use. A 1.6mm to 2.4mm thickness of tungsten can weld up to 6.4mm of workpieces for this machine’s TIG function. It is a big recommendation for all large-scale professional users.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional user, just set the input power of your need and work effortlessly. This one is a good MIG welder for stainless steel or carbon steel as well.

Design & Features

The design and looks of this MIG welder are nearly ideal. You can set the parameters with ease and in no time! The reason is the intelligent LCD screen provided for setting up the machine. It is super-easy to carry this machine around due to the handle provided.

This product offers so much variety for a user and just as much ease to choose between modes; hence, whether you’re switching between welding modes, welding wires, or tungsten rods while TIG welding, don’t worry!

Moreover, the package provides so many other accessories that save both your time and money. These include essentials like MIG guns, gas tubes, or even electrode holders. So why are you waiting? Head to the product link and add to the cart!

6. Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 140 – Best Aluminum Welder For The Money

Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 140
Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 140
  • Manufactured By Lincoln
  • Duty Cycle: 20 % @ 90 A 
  • Input Power: 120V    
  • Welding Process: Flux Core & MIG Welding
  • Special Feature: Double knobbed tap control & Compact

  • Economical as it runs on a low voltage
  • Ideal for beginners because of easy setup
  • Good for FCAW welding
  • A bit heavy


Aluminum is a metal that not many welders can weld. But the Lincoln 140 HD weld pack is a perfect machine to weld aluminum. This aluminum welder is durable and versatile. It works on a reasonably low input that is 120 Volts.

This fact makes the Lincoln 140 HD very economical for farmers and workers that work on a smaller scale. Moreover, it is compact yet powerful enough to produce quality welds.

 What I love about this welder is its ease of function. The welder can install quickly and easily.

Furthermore, with its Two Knobbed tap control, beginners find it less complicated and easier to work on as there are not many settings that you have to consider before welding. Overall, its features make it an attraction for beginners.

Design & Features

It is a very versatile machine that is suitable for gauge steel as well as Aluminum. Furthermore,  a spool gun is fit, which provides high wire-speed for aluminum welding.

The Lincoln can easily weld up to 3/16 inches of Aluminum in a single pass. The machine moderately works on a lower voltage that is 120V. That makes it economical and budget-friendly. The output range of 30-140 A makes it perfect for any thickness.

What makes it an ideal welding machine for beginners or new starters is its easy setup. With its double knobbed tap control setup becomes easy. So don’t worry if you’re a newbie. The installation would not be a huge problem.

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