Best MIG Welder For The Money 2021 (Professional Reviews)

We have kept in mind users who weld at home regularly and users who have a limited budget. Having a limited budget never means that you have to compromise on quality or performance. Thus, our picks below contain the most potent MIG welders in the market.

Image Product Details Price 
Our Top PickLotos MIG 175 Welder LOTOS MIG175 Power: 200-240V AC
Output: 175A
Features: MIG Spool Welding Gun
ProfessionalForney 291 Easy Weld Forney 291 Easy Weld Features: Welds ½ of mild steel
Duty Cycle: 80A
Power Source: 120/130 Dual Voltage
Best Budget PickForney Easy Weld 261-min Forney Easy Weld 261 Features: Eight-Ground Clamp
Maximum Output: 140 A
Input Voltage: 120 V
MILLER ELECTRIC MIG Welder Miller Electric MIG Welder Power Source: Multi-voltage
Feature: Advanced Auto Set Feature
Maximum Output: 230 AMP
Lincoln Electric Easy MIG 180 Welder K2698-1 Lincoln Electric K2698-1 Input Voltage: 208-230V
Output: 180A
Features: Diamond Core Technology
TOOLIOM MIG Welder TOOLIOM 200A MIG Welder Input Voltage: 120/230 V
Amperage: Up to 200 A
Features: Software control
VIVOHOME MIG Welder VIVOHOME MIG Welder Input Voltage: 230V
Amperage: 50-120A
Features: Oxidation prevention


Overall best


Best MIG Welder
  • Manufactured by LOTOS Technology
  • Output Power: DC
  • Duty Cycle: 30% @ 135A, 20% @ 175A
  • Welder Amperage: 30-175A DC
  • Welding Process: MIG & Flux Core

  • Very durable
  • The unit can weld a variety of materials
  • Highly power-efficient with up to a 20 per cent duty cycle.
  • Thin power cord
  • Weight lacks portability

Product Description:

The LOTOS MIG175 is our top-rated pick. It is ideal for welders who are new to the profession and are starting to weld. Although LOTOS is an excellent entry-level welder, it is also a very versatile and high-performance machine. According to our research and experiences we can call it as best MIG welder in the world.

If the work revolves around stainless steel and aluminum welding daily, then the LOTOS welder is ideal. This one is undoubtedly a perfect MIG welder for anyone welding aluminium. You can set this up in a moment.

You must already know that the LOTOS company has always provided welding tools for hobbyists. They make their machines for all uses because of which the LOTOS is a good MIG welder for home use.

The LOTOS MIG comes with a spool gun which is ideal for aluminum welding. Moreover, it is pretty durable with a 250 V power consumption ideal for welding machines domestic use.

LOTOS MIG175 Features:

Even though it lacks portability, The LOTOS MIG welder is suited for all applications. The torch has a four-prong end connection and 8 feet of length which is pretty adaptable.

Its power cord is six feet in length, hindering its portability and outdoor movement, but with a better extension cord, you can increase its size reasonably. With the LOTOS MIG, you can weld stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel.

The welder also consists of a spool gun that is going to be necessary for welding aluminum. It has a DC output of 175 amperes which is more than enough for a quality weld at a professional level.

Usually, an excellent working welding machine averages just about 120A output, But with an output of 175, you can excerpt your work to pretty efficient and smooth.

With its DC output, you can expect quality steel yield as DC is far superior for steel as compared to AC. Its transformer technology makes it more reliable and durable as compared to many welding machines.

Moreover, it has two electronic circuits that protect the wire feeding system and Its the best one on the market.


Professional MIG welder

Forney 291 Easy Weld

best mig welder
Forney 291 Easy Weld
  • Manufactured by Forney
  • Output Power: DC
  • Duty Cycle: 80A @ 30% for 120 volts & 180A @ 25% for 230 volts
  • Welder Amperage: 10-180A DC
  • Welding Process: MIG Welding

  • Lightweight and very portable
  • Strong power supply and management
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Forney provides lesser accessories at its price

Product Description

The Forney 291 Easy Weld is our best pick. The reasons are endless. Forney is a welding company which is known to produce welders very easy to use. And this machine right here as a professional MIG welder.

With its lightweight, you can carry it anywhere you want to. Don’t let its small size fool you, as this machine is a powerhouse. With its metal casing, it is highly durable. The key feature of this machine is easy mild steel welding.

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Thus, this one is a remarkable MIG welder for ½ steel. Furthermore, its dual voltage system makes the power capacity of this machine very high. The Forney is ideal for semi-pros or beginners since it is effortless and straightforward to use.

With the simple controls, you will never have problems in switching voltages and other features.

Forney 291 Easy Weld Features:

If we talk about its construction, The Forney welder has an Air-cooled 150A TIG torch, making it a multi-purpose welder for both TIG/MIG methods. Furthermore, it has a dual voltage system providing both 120 V and 230 V for different duty cycle values.

At 120 V and 80A, you get a 30 per cent duty cycle which is comparatively more than the LOTOS. The Current supply is DC and not AC, as DC stick welding is far superior to AC welding.

And with the Forney welding machine, you can stick weld up to ½ of mild steel. Furthermore, it has a very stable arc which gives it an edge over many other welding machines in general.

Forney, for sure, is a pretty stable welder for ½ steel, and its ease of use makes an ideal MIG welder to buy.


Best budget welder

Forney Easy Weld 261

best mig welder
Forney Easy Weld 261
  • Manufactured by Forney
  • Output Power: DC
  • Duty Cycle: 90A @ 30% & 180A @ 25% for 230V
  • Welder Amperage: 140 DC
  • Welding Process: MIG welding

  • Flexible voltage management
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Consumes less space
  • Runs on the average home power supply
  • Gathers dirt
  • Flux core can be challenging to run for a beginner

Product Description

The Brand Forney is known to produce the best welding machines out there in the market. And the Forney Weld 261 is one of them. This one is a budget MIG welder because of its core features. The lightweight makes it pretty easy to carry.

Moreover, it is easy to carry, but you can operate the Forney weld 261 pretty efficiently. Whether you are a professional or someone who welds occasionally, Forney Weld 261 is designed for both.

So if you are someone with less or no experience in welding, this is a good MIG welder to buy. The machine comes with all the essential features necessary, home usage a one-year warranty.

Because of its ease of operation, this machine is ideal for first-timers and projects that do not require much attention. With its infinite voltage and wire feed speed control, you can set up the device according to your needs.

Forney 261 Features

The Forney 261 weighs only 19lbs that makes it easy to carry. The body of this machine is made out of metal, making it durable. The device features a flux core wire.

Furthermore, you can choose your preferred voltage and wire feeder. If we talk about its output, the Forney 261 has an output of 140A that is ideal for welding steel up to ¼ thick.

The maximum input voltage is 120V which is enough to produce a 30 per cent duty cycle. An excellent thing about this product is that I can run on average home power, making it a good MIG welder for home use.


Best for home use


best MIG Welder
  • Manufactured by MILLER Electric
  • Output Power: DC
  • Duty Cycle: 40% @ 150A (240V) ) & 20% @ 115A (120V)
  • Welder Amperage: 30-230A DC
  • Welding Process: MIG Welding

  • Multiple voltage settings
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Good for thick work pieces
  • Can also perform flux-cored arc welding
  • Built-in fan gets faulty
  • New learners can have a hard time getting used to it.

Product Description

The Miller Electric MIG Welder is a pick with the most positive reviews. If you’re looking for an entry-level MIG welder, you have it here. No matter what is the use, you always deserve a welder that can provide high-quality welds.

And our Miller Electric welder is made just for that. This machine is user-friendly and is ideal for semi-pros or beginners. But the quality it provides makes it far more suitable for experts as well.

The product has a lightweight body, challenging so you can carry it anywhere you want. What makes it even more flexible is its variable voltage. Yes, you read it right. The Millermatic can almost work on any type of DC circuit.

That means whether it is a house circuit or a high-power industrial power cord, The Millermatic can run anywhere. The features of this machine have made it a professional MIG welder and one for home usage.

The Millermatic also includes a power-cooling system that is in charge of reducing the noise and power consumption of the machine.

Features & Design:

The MillerMatic weighs around 38 pounds that makes it easy to carry around. If we talk about its power, then the millermatic is second to none. It is a powerful multi-voltage MIG welder. Its output power ranges from 30 A to 230 A, which is quite enormous.

If the output of a machine is above 200 Amperes, then its penetration ability during welding would be better than anyone. And in our list, The Miller Matic has the highest penetration ability.

The machine offers a duty cycle of 40 % at 150 A, meaning it can weld steel, stainless steel, or aluminum without a single problem. And the quality of welds would never disappoint you.

Because of its high-output power, MillerMatic can weld mild steel that is up to 1/4 thick. Furthermore, apart from MIG welding, the machine is also capable of performing flux-cored welding too.


Best portable welder


best mig welder
Lincoln Electric Easy MIG 180 Welder K2698-1
  • Manufactured by LINCOLN Electric
  • Duty Cycle: 30% @ 130A
  • Welder Amperage: 35-180A DC
  • Welding Process: MIG Welding & Flux Core

  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Great value over money
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Spool gun ready to operate
  • Not for stick welding

Product Description

LINCOLN is known as a company to produce welding machines that are durable and excellent in working, and the Lincoln electric Co is one of those machines. This budget pick on our list is one that we recommend most and It is our choice as portable MIG welder.

The welding range this machine provides is just too high. The device comes with almost everything necessary needed for welding, so you can just start welding as soon as you unbox it.

Because of its portability due to its lightweight, you can carry this machine anywhere you need to, whether it is a farm or maintenance. Furthermore, its core body is made up of plastic and metal, making it highly durable and long-lasting.

Apart from the machine, The lincoln provides a lot of necessary accessories. These include a toolbox, a magnum gun, a cable to assemble the nozzle of the gas, and a gas regulator.

What makes the Lincoln a good MIG welder to buy is its low cost and high reward. Lincoln is an excellent MIG welder for the money since lincoln offers you so much more at such a low price.

Features & Design

The Lincoln is a highly portable machine that weighs just around 66 lbs in total. If we talk about its input power, The device has an input of 230 V, which is prime for small and budget projects.

Furthermore, with a Duty cycle of 30% at 130A, you can expect your machine to weld many thicker metals without a problem. The range of your weld can be from aluminum to stainless steel.

You can also weld up to a thickness of 3/16 of mild steel or a single pass of ½ steel. The Lincoln is powered by diamond core technology which provides an excellent arc performance with more minor spatter.

Moreover, it has a cast aluminum driven system that makes it easier for the wire to travel inside the weld. Usually, the wire is more rigid at times because of the tangling.

The Lincoln is a perfect welding machine for anyone who has a low budget and wants a high yield machine.


Best for the money


  • Manufactured by TOOLIOM
  • Output Voltage: 24A
  • Duty Cycle: 60%(200A) 100%(155A)
  • Welder Amperage: Up to 200A
  • Welding Process: MIG Welding, Lifting & Flux Core

  • Many welding techniques available
  • Budget-friendly for home users
  • Ideal for entry-level users
  • Great output power
  • Complains about no regulator provision

Product Description

Plugin the dual volts up to 230 V and get the work done with double the speed. It works without a battery, thus reducing the complexity of handling material. This model of the tooliom builds a very stable and efficient arc.

If you value your money then is the MIG welder to buy.

Features & Design

One of the core features is the spacious wire feeding area. Easily add up to 10 pounds wire rolls can be easily fed, including 0.30 inch of the solid core wire. If you’re using Flux MIG, then feed 0.35 inch of wire with no worries!

Hence, forget about any wire feeding issues with drive rolls or wire tensions.

Moreover, the body frame is highly durable, and this review is from users who used it for more than just 1-2 years! The internal dual voltage design is another core feature that a professional welder would require for thicker work pieces.

It is lightweight and pretty much portable for commercial users. This product is a power package with 31 pounds of weight and dimensions of 20.5 x 15.6 x 12.6 inches!


Best MIG inverter


  • Manufactured by TOOLIOM
  • Output Voltage: 24A
  • Duty Cycle: 60%(200A) 100%(155A)
  • Welder Amperage: Up to 200A
  • Welding Process: MIG Welding, Lifting & Flux Core

  • Protection from overheating
  • Lightweight
  • Oxidation prevention
  • Variable current flow
  • It is not suitable for professional use

Product Description:

The VIVOHOME MIG Welder is the best choice for minor house repairs and part-timers who have little experience in welding. The VIVOHOME makes welding a lot easier and manageable for people of all sorts.

For example, you have minor damage in your household now, instead of hiring a welder, you can pretty much fix the repairs by yourself. The welder comes with a lot of necessary accessories that are required for welding.

Such as a helmet and wire brush. Furthermore, It is a compact, and lightweight machine and its design make it very easy for you to carry it around for outdoor projects.

Materials like thin steel, stainless steel, and aluminum sheets can be readily welded through the VIVOHOME. The product also has a small storage space at the top of its building.

This space is meant for storing small widgets and nails; these come in handy for welding. The price range of this welder is very convenient, and not all welders provide the same amount of features as VIVOHOME does. It might just be an ideal MIG welder to buy if you are looking for a machine just under your budget.

Features & Design:

VIVOHOME is a compact welder machine, and it operates on a voltage of 110 DC and provides 50 to 120A. If a welder machine offers up to 120A of output, you’re in for some smooth welding.

Usually, a lot of good welding machines have the same average output of up to 120A. This MIG welder is ideal for welding stainless steel and mild steel. VIVOHOME is a great MIG welder for the money it is given.

As it is also a gas welder, which means you should not worry about oxidation. Another feature that this machine has is the control of welding speed which comes in 10 levels.

So by changing the current, you can also control the speed at which your metal is to be welded. When it comes to the duty cycle of this welder, the duty cycle is 15 per cent provided around 105 amperes amount of current.

With its overheating protection and lightweight body, the VIVOHOME is an ideal MIG welder for home use.

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