8 Best Pipeline Welding Machine of 2021 – Top Picks

The definition of the quality TIG welding machine varies from user to user. Beginners will seek a TIG welding machine that is affordable and easy to use. In this article you will also get the Best TIG Welder For Beginners. Professionals expect maximum output from their welding machines. Moreover In personal use cases a good home TIG welding machine should be versatile enough to perform in any environment.  

If you are fond of TIG welding aluminum, then there is good news for you. We have a list in which you will find the Best TIG Welder For Aluminum as per your requirements. TIG welding machine has certain features that make it competent for welding Aluminium.

The 8 Best TIG Welding Machine

Our Top PickWeldpro Digital TIGWeldpro Digital TIGFeatures: Digital Adjustable Design
Power Source: AC/DC
Maximum Output: 200AMP
ProfessionalPrimeweld TIG 225XPrimeWeld TIG 225XFeatures: HF Start
Maximum Amperage: 225 AMP
Warranty: 3 Years
Budget PickForney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder 100STForney Easy Weld 298Color: Green
Maximum Output: 140 AMP
Input Voltage: 120V
2019 Everlast PowerTIG 200DV 200amp 110/220 Dual Voltage PULSE ACDC WeldeEverlast Power TIG 200Input Voltage: 110/220 V
Power Source: AC/DC
Maximum Output: 200AMP
Lotos TIG200ACDCP 200A AC/DC Pulse Aluminum TIG/Stick ARC WelderLotos TIG200 ACDCPAC Amperage: 10-200 AMP
Color: Brown
Technology: IGBT Inverter Technology
Mophorn TIG/MMA Plasma Cutter CT312 3 in 1 Combo Welding Machine Tig WelderMophorn CT 312 WelderAdd On: Efficient Cooling Fan
Feature: 3 In 1 Functionality
Color: Blue
Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200 TIG Welder, K5126-1Lincoln TIG 200Maximum Amperage: 200 AMP
Color: Red
Duty Cycle: 60%
Amico-Power-ATIG185-1Amico Power ATIG 185Features: Multifunctional
Amperage Range: 15-180 AMP
Color: Red

Best TIG Welding Machine

1. Weldpro Digital TIG – Best Pipeline Welding Machine

Best TIG Welding Machine
Weldpro Digital TIG
  • Manufacturer- Weldpro 
  • Item weight- 53.3 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions- 17.6×7.9×16 inches
  • Output Power Type- AC/DC
  • Color- Yellow


  • Digital Design For Maximum Adjustment
  • Value To Money Product
  • Great For A Wide Range Of Metals


  • Some Faced Start AMP to Peak AMP Switching Issues

Weldpro Digital deserved to be our Top Pick for plenty of reasons. Advanced technologies combined with ultimate output makes it the best TIG welding machine. The feature that makes it the best is that it has a lot to offer at a very affordable price. It is fully adjustable that enhances your TIG welding experience. It is the best TIG welding machine for beginners who want a TIG welder with a digital interface. All the other TIG welders with a digital user interface are offered at much higher prices.

Weldpro Digital TIG is simple to use, but it’s not that simple when it comes to performance. It is a fully adjustable TIG welding machine that allows multiple settings for different types of welding. CK 17 Worldwide  SuperFlex Torch and a fantastic quality foot pedal will enable you to have better control and precision. Buy Weldpro TIG with confidence because it comes with a three-year warranty.

2. PRIMEWELD TIG225X – Best TIG Welding Machine

Best TIG Welding Machine
  • Manufacturer- PRIMEWELD
  • Weight of the product- 90 pounds
  • Dimensions- 24 x 19 x 12 inches
  • Power Source- AC/DC Pulse
  • Color – Black


  • Offers High-End Features
  • Dual Voltage Input
  • Value To Money


  • Quite Heavy To Carry

We understand that when it comes to professional TIG welding, the welding machine must have certain qualities. A professional-level TIG welding machine must show durability, endurance, and incredible power. Keeping all these features in mind, we are proud to present you with PRIMEWELD TIG225X as our professional pick. This is genuinely the a good welding machine for professional usage. A combination of sturdy design and surprisingly good performance is all that is expected from a Stick and TIG Welding Machine. 

PRIMEWELD TIG225X’s body is made up of steel that makes it quite potent for vigorous welding. Black color increases the charm of the TIG 225X. IGBT inverter technology is utilized in this TIG welder that provides better control. It can be operated on both AC and DC; hence you can weld many metals using this. It is the best for aluminum and other thinner-gauge metals.  To make it more comfortable to use, a High-Quality foot pedal is also provided with TIG 225X.

3. Forney Easy Weld 261 – Best TIG Welding Machine

best tig welding machine
Forney Easy Weld 261
  • Manufacturer- Forney Industries INC
  • Style – TIG Welder
  • Weight of the product- 19 pounds 
  • Dimensions-16.7 x 12 x 8.1 inches
  • Color- Green


  • Best Choice For Weekend Enthusiasts
  • Easy To Carry
  • Warranty For 1 Year


  • Not Best For Thick Metals

Beginners and most hobbyists love to see a Portable TIG Welding Machine with competitive features. After thoroughly checking the market trends, we are pleased to present you with Forney Easy Weld. Forney Easy Weld is our budget pick not only because it costs less, but it also offers good performance. This is a good TIG Welder that you can find in this price budget. Another quality of this tig welder is that it is very lightweight, a gift for beginners and weekend enthusiasts.

Forney Easy Weld is perfect for use at home because it requires 120V of input. 140 AMPs of maximum output allows you to weld mild steel up to ¼  in the plate. Although the welder is made up of metal, it still weighs around 19lbs, which is impressive. You can carry it anywhere, whether your work includes do-it-yourself projects or farm work. 

4. Everlast PowerTIG 200DV – Best TIG Welding Machine

best tig welding machine
2019 Everlast PowerTIG 200DV 200amp
  • Manufacturer- Everlast Power Equipments
  • Item weight- 60 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions- 24 x 9 x 17 inches
  • Material- Stainless Steel
  • Color- Green


  • Heavy Duty
  • Up To 200 AMPs Of Output
  • Digitally Controlled IGBT Inverter


  • Not Much Portable Due Heavy Weight

Everlast Power Equipment made its place in the market by providing innovative welding solutions. Everlast Power Equipment’s products are known to be durable and affordable. Power TIG200 is one of the iconic products of Everlast Power Equipment. It is a worthy TIG welding mchine because it has a wide array of applications and It is perfect for beginners because it is relatively easy to use. It could also be an excellent pick for professionals because of notable power figures. This pick has always helped me in the start of my professional career

Sturdy design and stainless steel body make it rigid enough to work in any environment and conditions. Amperage capacity up to 200 AMP makes it a perfect option for heavy-duty usage. It offers a dual voltage feature to use even by plugging it into a generator. Color-Coded controls make it the best for beginners also because they are straightforward to identify. The Arc performance is improved by using the Arc Force Control technology.

5. Lotos TIG200ACDCP AC DC – Best TIG Welding Machine

best tig welding machine
Lotos TIG200ACDCP 200A Aluminum TIG/Stick ARC Welder
  • Manufacturer- Lotos Technology
  • Weight of the product- 50.5 pounds
  • Material- Metal
  • Dimensions- 20 x 12.5 x 13.5 inches
  • Color- Brown


  • Prevent Arc-Break Function
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Offers 10 Unique Parameter Settings


  • After-sales service is not the best.

Lotos Technology is an American based company that provides good quality welding products at affordable prices. The customer care service is also pretty assuring. Lotos TIG200 AC/DC is a perfect TIG welding machine for beginners and professionals as well. Advanced technologies are used for better endurance and control over the welds. This is the AC DC TIG Welding Machine in most of the aspects.

Lotos TIG200 AC/DC comes with a metal body and a very compact design. The overall structure makes it relatively easy to handle. It is also good for aluminum because of its Digital Pulse Control feature. It offers terrific precision and control. The AC power type makes it more suitable for aluminum. The amperage range is quite wide, so you can also weld other various metals with ease.

6. Mophorn TIG/MMA – Best TIG Welding Machine

best tig welding machine
Mophorn TIG/MMA Plasma Cutter CT312
  • Manufacturer- Mophorn
  • Weight of the product- 31.4 pounds
  • Dimensions- 20 x 14 x 11 inches
  • Material- Metal
  • Efficient Radiator


  • Offers Dual Voltage
  • Equipped With Plasma Cutter
  • Capable of TIG/Arc Welding


  • There is no Built-In Air Compressor.

The next TIG welding machine on our list is Mophorn CT-312 welders. This welder truly deserved to be on our best picks list. The reason is apparent; It offers impressive features at a very reasonable price. This model, in particular, offers multi functionality. This means that you are not limited to one type of welding. You can enjoy stick welding and plasma cutting as well with this TIG welder. The versatility and price point of this TIG welder is unmatched.

Mophorn CT-312 is a very lightweight and easy to handle Inverter TIG Welding Machine. This machine offers three different types of functionality. If your work involves stick welding, then you won’t have to buy another welder for that. A Plasma Cutting feature is also offered in this very affordable TIG welding machine. Collectively these features make it the best TIG welding machine for home and another usage. 

7. Square Wave K5126-1 – Best TIG Welding Machine

best tig welding machine
Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200 TIG Welder, K5126-1
  • Manufacturer- Lincoln Electric  
  • Weight of the product- 73 pounds 
  • Material- Metal
  • Dimensions- 22 x 13.1 x 21 inches
  • Color- Red


  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Easy To Use Interface
  • Square-wave Technology


  • Bit Expensive

Lincoln Electric is well known for their higher quality products. Lincoln Electric is one of the biggest and renowned brands in the welding industry. They made it to this place by providing unbeaten quality in their welding products. People who always look for the best available quality choose lincoln. Lincoln TIG200 is undoubtedly the quality TIG welding machine in terms of quality.

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Lincoln TIG200 outperforms its competitors when we talk in terms of endurance and performance. As the quality of the Lincoln TIG200 is high-end so its reliability is much greater too. This pick is good for stainless steel because it offers great power. It is a perfect choice for those who are looking enter the professional line of TIG welding.

8. AMICO POWER ATIG185 – Best TIG Welding Machine

best tig welding machine
  • Manufacturer- Amico Power
  • Item weight- 19 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions- 16 x 6.5 x 11 inches
  • Amperage capacity- 185 AMP
  • Color- Red


  • 2-in-1 Welder Offers TIG and Stick Welding
  • Latest IGBT Inverter Technology
  • Over Load Protection


  • There are complaints about customer care service

Amico ATIG 185 made it to our list because it is undoubtedly one of a kind product. This one is the best MIG and TIG welding machine for various types of users. Amico ATIG185 is perfect for those who are entering the TIG welding and also for regular users as well. This compact welding machine is relatively easy to handle and use.

Amico ATIG 185 is on our list because we found it well performing for home use when our fellows and used. It is an excellent TIG  welder to start with for beginners. The Amperage Range of 15-180 AMP allows you to weld various types of metals with ease. HF Start will enable you to have better penetration and control over thinner-gauge materials like aluminum.

Final Words On Best TIG Welding Machine

Our aim is to provide the best TIG welding machine for you that meets or exceeds your expectations. Our thorough research resulted in this list that has the welding machine for every kind of user. Each TIG welding machine on this list has its specialties, and cons are also mentioned with it. Go for a TIG welder whose pros are as per your requirements and cons don’t matter. For professionals, we always have our professional pick that is made to outperform others. Beginners are close to our heart, so we always keep the best products for them on our list. We never forget weekend enthusiasts as well and bring the perfect choice for them.

Check out the best TIG welder for more detailed guidance. 


1. What is the best TIG welder for Aluminum?

For welding aluminum, certain qualities must be present in the welder. Aluminum is a thinner-gauge metal, and a scorching rod can completely destroy the weld. Features like HF start are perfect for fragile metals like aluminum. The quality of the TIG welder also matters a lot when it comes to TIG welding aluminum. You can’t deny that the skill also plays a vital role in the TIG welding of aluminum. Never forget that practice makes the man perfect.

2. What is a good TIG welder for home use?

Weekend enthusiasts and hobbyists have their preferences. First of all, a good TIG welder for home use should be easy to use. Professionals can deal with complicated settings. Most of the people who use TIG welders at home are not professionals. This is why the TIG welder should have an easy to use interface. A Dual Voltage Input is also a perk when it comes to home usage. It allows you to plug and use it anywhere you want, even in your generator.

3. Can you TIG weld without gas?

The answer to this question is simply No. You cannot TIG weld without gas because the Inert gas that is used in the TIG welding shields the weld. It prevents the contamination of the tungsten and the weld. The pool of oxygen present in the air can simply destroy the weld in the absence of inert gas.

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