Choosing the best Welder Water Cooler

A TIG welder water cooler is a special device that cools the welding torches when using TIG welders. In this article, you will find out how a water cooler works and all the benefits it has to offer.

Taishi TIG Cooler is our welder water cooler of choice. The combination between great value for money and high-quality output makes it the perfect purchase.

The best way for you to weld without any defects is to use a TIG welder water cooler. These devices attach to the torch, which is supplied with constant flow of water. Water cooling reduces the risk of fatigue during your work and provides an easier process for welding.

A TIG welder water cooler is also more durable than many other welding devices. On top of that, their cost is considerably lower than other welding devices, making them an ideal tool for professionals who want to invest in their business without breaking the bank.

How Welder Water Coolers Work

The water that is pumped through the TIG welder water cooler that is passing it over a the torch. Each brand has different recommended liquids to fill the cooler, but a good rule of thumb is to avoid regular water and use antifreeze or distilled water.

Benefits of using a welder water cooler

The benefits of using a TIG welder water cooler are endless. They reduce the risk of defects in welding, are more durable than other devices, and are also cheaper to use. With all these great benefits, it’s no wonder why many professionals invest in them for their business.

Top 3 Best Welder Water Coolers

Mophorn Tig Cooler 10L

Mophorn 10L TIG Cooler Great Starter Unit

Capacity – 10L
Max water flow – 10L/minute at 112vac
1500W cooling capacity
taishi Tig Cooler

Taishi TIG Cooler Value for money

Capacity – 10L & 20L options
Rated Water Flow – 7L-12L/min
1/4″ female red and blue fittings
PowerCool W375

Everlast PowerCool W375 Pro choice

Capacity – 7.5 Liters
Work horse
Stacks only with latest welders

Mophorn TIG Cooler – Great Starter Welder Water Cooler

Mophorn TIG Cooler

Capacity – 10L
Max water flow – 1L/minute at 112V AC
Weight – 35lbs
Capavity – 1500 W @ 1 L/Min
  • Visible water level
  • Portable
  • Great value
  • Not suitable for long jobs
  • No flow meter

Mophorn TIG welder cooler is a welder water cooler which has been specifically designed to cool down TIG torches. The welder water cooler comes with a max water flow of 1L/minute at 112vac and in 10, 12 and 25liter capacities. It also works well to cool down the torches that are used for MIG welding or TIG welding.

Mophorn TIG welder cooler has an ergonomic design which means it’s easy to carry around when you need to move from one place to another. This welder water cooler can be used by welders who work indoors as well as outdoors because of its compact size.


Welders can use this welder water cooler to cool down the torches quickly. The welder water cooler is compact and easy to carry around, which makes it great for welding outdoors as well as indoors. The welder water cooler also works well with MIG and TIG welding.

This welder water cooler does not have sufficient cooling power for industrial welding purposes, which means it’s not suitable for industrial welder jobs.

What are customers saying?

“It keeps up at 150ams. Works good. Fan noise is only drawback about it.”

— current customer
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Taishi TIG Cooler – Great Value for Money

Taishi TIG Cooler

Capacity – 10L & 20L options
Weight – 35lbs
1L/min Rated Water Flow
  • Works right out of the box
  • Great value for money
  • Clear warning lights
  • Loud fan

Taishi welder coolers are a must-have for welders. There is no welder on the planet who would want to go without one of these welder water coolers. After all, we know that welding torches can get hot and it’s not uncommon for them to overheat if they aren’t cooled down regularly. If you have a Taishi welder cooler, you never need to worry about this happening!

The two main features of the Taishi TIG Welder Cooler are its ability to work right out of the box because it doesn’t need any assembly or installation whatsoever, and its clear warning lights which notify users when their water level is low or high so that they never have to worry about their welder torch overheating.

Features & Benefits

Efficient Cooling of Water-cooled TIG Torch

One of the main problems welder water coolers come across is that they are unable to efficiently cool down water-cooled TIG torches. This can cause welds which don’t appear even or consistent.

Quick Couplers

The welder water cooler features strong weld couplings that are quick-remove. This makes it easy to replace the welder torch when you need to clean it or adjust its settings, without wasting time by having to disconnect and reconnect your welder’s torch with each use of the welder.

Industrial Motor

The welder water cooler features a strong industrial motor, designed for heavy-duty performance and durability. Those who use their welder torch for long periods of time will no doubt need one that can hold up to multiple hours of welding.

Adaptable to Other Brands

Welders should be able to adapt their welder water cooler into the welder that they already have. This welder can easily adapt to other welder brands, which is great for saving money since customers won’t have to buy an entirely new welder just because their welder has a different type of connection than the one on their welder water cooler.

What are customers saying?

“It’s a cheap water cooler that works well”

— current owner
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Everlast PowerCool W375 – Pro Choice Welder Water Cooler

Everlast PowerCool W375

Weight – ‎40 lbs
Capacity – 7.5 Liters
240V power
Sensor and alarm to indicate loss of water flow
  • Excellent feature-list
  • Cools welder torch like nothing else
  • Large fan
  • Heavy
  • Costs more than others

The Everlast PowerCool W375 is a great option for welders who are looking for a powerful yet affordable water cooler. This unit has a sensor and alarm to indicate loss of water flow, which is a safety measure that will help prevent loss of water. Another great thing about the Everlast PowerCool W375 is its cost-effective price point. This welder cooler stacks well with some of the newest welding machines on the market, so it’s a great option for welders who need a welder water cooler that will meet the demands of future welder technology.

Features & Benefits

The Everlast PowerCool W375 is designed to work with the current generation of welders, and it has a sensor and alarm to indicate loss of water flow. This welder cooler also features a safety measure that helps prevent loss of water. Plus, the Everlast PowerCool W375 is powerful yet costs more, making it a great option for welders who need a welder water cooler that can meet the demands of future welding machines.

With its sensor and alarm to indicate loss of water flow, the safety measure to help prevent loss of water, affordable price point, powerful performance, and ability to stack well with welder technology; we feel that the Everlast PowerCool W375 is a welder cooler that welder will find to be beneficial for them.

What are customers saying?

“F-ing Fantastic, except for my utility bill”

— current user
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Conclusion to best TIG welder water coolers

We recommend finding the best MIG TIG welder water cooler by asking welders you know which one they use. If you don’t have any welder friends, we suggest looking up reviews of the top MIG TIG welder water coolers and reading what welder professionals have to say about them.

Welder coolers are a necessary tool for any welder. They keep the welder’s torch running at peak performance, which is essential for producing high-quality welds. In this blog post, we’ve talked to engineers about their favorite welder coolers and what makes them stand out from the competition. We hope that this information will help you choose the right welder cooler for your needs.

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