Robert Steven

I’m Robert Steven with more than 10+ years of experience in the welding field. I have done my welding degree from Central Louisiana Technical Community College. It was always fun and passion for me going into welding. Now being a passionate welder, I also blog about welding. Some of my Initial articles are:

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In the start when i was thinking about which field i should go for, it was very hard for me to decide whether i should choose my passion or i should go with normal engineering degree, but i really enjoyed welding small equipment, moreover it became my happiness. Whenever i weld something i enjoy it even doing it for the whole day.

I completed many of successful projects of large industries and also got success in small home projects. My main domain was working in automobile industries, as it was difficult in the start to work in automobile but later on it was a very good experience. You may also like some of my recent articles:

When i meet any beginner, i always suggest them to opt for what they love, never decide anything in pressure. After struggling for 4 years now i’m happily married with my wife and two kids. For any info about welding you can follow my this blog.

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