Best TIG welders under $2000 in 2022

From our experience, not all TIG welders are created equal, and if you’re not careful, you may end up spending more than you necessarily need to. To get the best TIG welders under $2000, you should learn what to look for. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best TIG welders under $2000 in 2022. We will also talk about what factors you need to consider when choosing a TIG welder so that you can make the best, informed decision. Let’s get started.

Our choice

We put MANY, I mean many, different TIG welders to the test in our workshop, over the course of a month, and EVERLAST POWERTIG 185 DV was simply the best TIG welder for under $2000. It’s a fantastic welder for the price, with a [email protected]% duty cycle and a maximum capacity of 35%. While it may not be a professional model, it’s a great machine for the home hobbyist or small shop.

Top 4 best TIG welders under $2000

best tig welder for aluminium


Voltage: AC/DC Pulse
Features: 3 types of wave from AC welding
Working: precise welding management


Features: Auto setup
Features: Does not have touchable arc starts
Warranty: 5 Years

PRIMEWELD TIG225X Pro choice

Output: 225 Amps Tig Stick
Features:  Pulse Frequency- 200 HRTZ
Warranty: 3 Years


Features: Auto Setup
Working: Multi Process Performance
Warranty: 3 Years

Best value choice for TIG welder under $2000


Input power: 230 V, 1-phase, 50/60 Hz
Rated Output: 150A at 16VDC, 20% duty cycle
Welding Range: 10-165A
Net Weight: 50 lb. (23kg)
Max Open Circuit Voltage: 80v
Material: Stainless Steel
  • This is a lightweight machine.
  • It offers you perfection with an option of 120 and 240V input
  • Uses IGBT technology, which means that it has a small transformer.
  • The auto-regulated arc force control prevents excessive electrode sticking, giving you a clean and smooth weld.
  • The welder is not fit for aluminum welding because of its light-duty modification.

When it comes to the EVERLAST 210EXT, this product is the ease of use and set up that is the most stand-out feature. You can consider this as an easy welder, to begin with, and for continued use for an extended period. It can come anywhere with you, being a very portable welder that can be used in a shop, garage, or workshop.

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It weighs in at only 50lbs and also has a reduced noise ability and is low on any extra costs (electric etc.) having a high energy saving rate. Like other models, the EVERLAST 210EXT has a cooling system at work when you’re doing your jobs not overheating and breaking the flow of your work and also cuts down on fan noise and reduces power consumption.

The contamination are kept within the machine, and things such as spillage are minimal. Full amperage range is from 10-165A on both DC and AC output when purchasing the Diversion 165.

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Our top pick for TIG welder under $2000


Maximum output– 210A
Duty cycle– 45%
Current range– 10-150A
Mig welding voltage– 14-30v
Volt/Dc- 62v
Plate thickness– 12.7mm
  • Excellent duty cycle
  • It gives 3in 1 .functionality
  • Very easy to service the TIG welder
  • MIG and Tick do not have the AC capability.

EVERLAST POWER TIG 184 is the Best TIG Stick Welder Under 2000. It offers stick, MIG, and TIG welding without compromising the work efficiency. This pack of TIG welder comes with many differentiating features which one can carry around the workplace without any hesitation.

It can fulfill all the job demands of the welder and provides optimum quality by delivering maximum productivity. It is usually famous for a powerhouse that can easily weld aluminum without compromising the welding quality.


Metal thickness is also an essential consideration to consider while having a TIG welder. If you want to have the TIG welder to weld ½ thickness, you should never go for having a TIG welder. EVERLAST POWERTIG 185 comes as the Best TIG Stick Welder Under 2000 with two phases, which are power 120V and 240V. Not just that, it provides the feature of giving low voltage for long duty cycle and the high voltage for thick metals considerably.

The low power consumption provides the duty cycle of 35% and is quite a power-sensitive. It gives the readings on the digital display, which is viable to show off the current settings option.

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Pro choice for TIG welder under $2000


Input power– 120V @ 240V
Duty cycle– 25%- 60%
Weight- 46.50 lbs
Input phase– 1 & 3 phase
Current type– AC/DC
Amperage maximum– 210A
Net width– 8.6in
  • Dual voltage and very lightweight.
  • Dual purpose
  • Expensive

Prime weld TIG225X is the next TIG welder, the Best TIG Welder Under Range of 2000 with many distinct features, making it the best-selling TIG welder in the market. As long as you are doing the lighter tasks that need TIG welding, you can use the AC option, but if you want this TIG welder for the heavier jobs, you might need the Dc option for TIG welding. The PRIMEWELD TIG welder has a double outlet with 120V and 240V output, the ideal range to weld the aluminum.

This welder under $2000 has dual voltage systems. The first voltage to sue in it is 120V, and the second voltage is 240V. You have to adjust the welding capacity and the capability according to the metal thickness and weld. TIG welder’s 120V phase control gives a 25% duty cycle for TIG welding and 20% for stick welding. You have to adjust the amperage to 200A and 75A accordingly. 

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Engine power electric– Electric (AC)
Max amperage output– 315-200
Input phase– 1 & 3 phase
Amperage maximum– 210A
Net width– 8.6in.
Current type– DC
  • Very portable and gives high performance.
  • Reliable duty cycle
  • Portable
  • Some quality issues

Let’s discuss today’s topic’s final product, which is very useful for all the welders who intend to buy a TIG welder for TIG welding’s best experience. ESAB GRADE TIG WELDER comes with optimum gas protection, which gives pre and posts flow controls. The features that it provides provide the start of low TIG start of 5A, which is ideal for all sorts of lighter TIG welding. This is our top pick for Best Multi Process Welder Under 2000.

This TIG welder gives an input power of 250V, which is very reliable for heavy duties. This TIG welder in the market provides the option for the alternative and the direct current quite smoothly. The duty cycle of this TIG welder depends on the amperage, which means that at 250A, the welder gives 40% of the duty cycle, while at the low amperage, it provides 100% of the duty cycle and comes with the Arc force control that improves the Arc performance.

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What to consider when choosing TIG welder under $2000

Amperage range

When it comes to TIG welders, there are a few things that you should know before getting one.

Amperage range

The first is the amperage range. TIG welders come in a variety of amperage ranges, from low to high. The correct amperage range that you’ll need depends on the thickness of the material that you’ll be welding. If usually weld thin materials, then I would go for something with not as as much power and a lower amperage range will suffice. On the other hand, if you’re planning on welding thicker materials, then go for a TIG welder with a higher amperage range.

Duty cycle

Another thing to consider is the duty cycle. The duty cycle is the amount of time that a TIG welder can be used continuously before being turned off to avoid thermal overload. For example, if a TIG welder has a 20% duty cycle, that means it can be used for two minutes before it needs to be turned off for eight minutes. The duty cycle is important because it will determine how long you can weld before shutting off to cool down. If you’re only going to be welding for a short period, then a lower duty cycle TIG welder will suffice. However, if you’re planning on doing a lot of welding, then you’ll need a TIG welder with a higher duty cycle.

Pedals, gas regulators and other features

Finally, you’ll need to decide what features you want in your TIG welder. TIG welders come with a variety of add-ons and features, from simple to complex. Some TIG welders have LCDs that show you the settings and help you make adjustments on the fly. Others have Foot Pedals that allow you to control the welding process with your feet. There are even TIG welders that come with built-in gas regulators, so you don’t have to worry about buying one separately. When it comes to features, it’s really up to you and what you need in a TIG welder.

Frequently asked questions

The tungsten is contaminating my welding. Can you describe to me the reason?

Can you please describe to me when I should use AC and when you use DC?

Ideally, it would help if you always went for the Best TIG welder under $2000, which gives you both current that contains both AC and Dc then if you require only one, then use DC to use stainless steel and iron alloys. And when you are using aluminum and magnesium, you should go for AC welder

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