What To Check Before Choosing a TIG Welder

i.  Input power

On the other hand, huge endeavors need up to 240V-250V, so you will need hardware that is more fitted and sufficiently able to weld thick materials. Anyway, most welders have a twofold voltage limit, which is unquestionably a reward by guaranteeing that the gear isn’t neglecting to weld any material.

ii.  Foot pedal

The toe pedal has been one of the gadgets for the reminder of the tig welder. It empowers the checking of without hand yield impedance and warm temperatures. As you’d need to utilize two hands for tig welding, the foot pedal comes in exceptionally helpful by ensuring you’re ready to change the settings without taking your eyes off the weld.

The pedal of the best quality tig welder must be unimaginably responsive, and the surface ought not to be excessively steep. Most PCs accompany a pedal, yet on the of chance that your machine doesn’t have one, or if you do, you can get one independently.

iii. AC/ DC Power

These welding machines work on either AC or DC or can work on them both rare and viral among professional devices. But keep in mind; the type of currency you want to use depends on the material you are about weld. However, we recommend getting a machine that offers both currents if you are working with more than just one material.

iv. Electrode

Throughout the ideal universe, substances with an oxide layer, such as magnesium and aluminum, you can take full advantage of AC. In contrast, welders use DC for welding hard metals, such as treated steel, nickel, copper, and others. In this way, it is essential to determine the metals you deal with and buy a TIG welder for your specifications.

Electrode plays an essential role in the welding process. Better the electrode, finer will be the result. These mostly use pure tungsten or tungsten alloy electrodes, which provides you with the best of welding.

And the only aspect of pure tungsten alloy is that they are expensive but provide the highest durability while working on any material.

In comparison, the electrodes are color categorized; pure tungsten is green in hue, whereas the composites are red, blue, earthy, or yellow, depending on the form of a mixture. The density of the terminal is similarly essential. It should not be too dense to imagine burning through the surface or too brittle to conceive of destroying itself.

v. Material Thickness

The material thickness or density is the most crucial aspect that needs to be kept in mind while paying for a welder machine. Be assured that the device you are paying for will do your task with ease or weld any material that your project comprises.

Machines with a low amperage range will not be the best choice if you work with strong density aluminum or any other material. Any device with a range of between 5A-230A will ensure that you can weld any material from 1/4″ down to 24 gauge.

vi. Price

For many of you, this may not matter, but it matters the most for people with a low budget. Do not pay for any machine until you are sure that they can carry out the task or projects that you will be performing.

Certain products are available (mentioned already) that will perform the same task as the best professional TIG welders, but at relatively low prices compared to others.


Last but not least. Portability is one of the essential features to look for in the best professional TIG welder machine. Easy portability will help you carry your device with ease, while a lack of portability can cause you lots of trouble while moving from one location to another.

Duty cycle

And next the duty cycle of the machine is an important feature, but what is the duty cycle? The duty cycle indicates the time or length of the machine working without heating. moreover It’s imperative as you will have to work continuously for quite a while, and if the TIG welder gets overheated again and again, it can be annoying.

 The TIG welding machine heats up efficiently due to the vast energy required for forging. You can use a standard TIG welder with a 20 percent service cycle at 200A for two min; however, it will take at least ten minutes to cool off again to resume the job.

  1. Multi-process

Would you like to work on a machine that can perform multitasking with ease or a device that works on a single task?

Multitasking, do read the manual or ask for this feature as this will help you work on different materials simultaneously without changing any settings of tungsten rods. If you were planning to buy any other machine, this might have changed your mind.

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